Day of The Dead Tattoos


A Way to Remember

It is not uncommon for people to get tattooed with the names of loved ones they have lost throughout the years. In many cultures, a portrait of a lost spouse, child or friend is a nearly mainstream thing to do. Consider the many people memorialized in firefighter tattoos or those who are forever remembered fondly with military tattoos. It is this same way of thinking that engenders Mexican tattoos designed with dear ones in mind. 


A Different Kind of Symbolism

In many ways, Day of the Dead tattoos are similar while in many other aspects, they are different. The main difference is that tattoos depicting loved ones lost in a Day of the Dead style are portrayed as skeletons; this is a way to accept that they are no longer among the living in the flesh. As a reminder that they are still alive in spirit, the skeletons are adorned with bright dress, instruments such as guitars and are generally in motion with dance.

Other Dia de los Muertos symbols used in tattoos include:

  • Brightly colored and disembodied skulls
  • Groups of skeletons in celebration
  • Bandoleros
  • Wine and other spirits
  • Bread, called "pan de muerto"
  • A face that is half flesh and half skull to represent the ongoing cycle of life

Text Source: I Love To Know Tattoos