The Unique Art Of Linda Huber

Whenever I find a breathtaking piece of art, I look for the artist to see the complete portfolio, and I always end up amazed of what’s in there. This woman has an unique talent (as many others I posted about in the past) and, trust me, you don’t want to miss it. Her name is Linda Huber and I’ll use her own words to describe her passion and work.

“The art of drawing with pencil has been a major part of my life for over 40 years. Drawing in the style of realism is what I love to do, to recreate LIFE as we see and know it with just a simple pencil is exciting to say the least. Working on a drawing for many hours is so relaxing that to this day I still have a hard time putting my pencil down to take a brake.

At an early age I started drawing from the years passed and my drawings became more detailed I drew from photos. Today I draw primarily from HQ reference photos. Each drawing can take anywhere from 40-100 hours. I'm self taught and strive for realism in each piece, taking great pleasure in capturing every fine detail. Details are key to realism so patience is significant, working a small area to near finish before moving on is a personal technique of mine.

For near 2 decades people from across the USA and all over the world have commissioned me to draw loved ones, friends, animals, cars, etc. My artwork has been used in advertisement, in books and CD covers, it has been featured on many internet sites, Ovation TV, The Japan show "Unbelievable", in a local art gallery and donated to fundrasiers.

In 2010 I began teaching drawing lessons online. I've had the great pleasure to instruct over 300 students from all over the world. Visit the "Online Drawing Lessons" page to view my students before and after work and find out more about the lessons.”

You can check her out here: 
Imaginee Artist Linda Huber